How to Invite Shoutem to Administer Your iOS Dev and iTunes Connect Accounts?

Here is how you can invite Shoutem to administer your iOS dev and iTunes connect accounts. Please note that this will work only with company accounts. If you have a private iOS dev account, please contact support! Log in to iTunes Connect with your credentials at Click “User and Access” Click on the following button

How Long Will It Take for My App to Appear In iTunes/Google Play?

Our internal review system takes a few days (or less!). At the end of this review your app is submitted to stores. It usually takes 1-5 hours for Google Play, and up to few days for the Apple review team, to approve the app. Please bear in mind that our internal review queue greatly depends

Why Is My App Not Submitted to the Stores?

Please read carefully … When you click on the Publish button, the application goes through our internal app update system before being submitted to stores. This process can take up to 7 – 10 days, but we do our best to speed it up as much as possible. This means that we check if everything

When Does My App Require a Binary Resubmission?

The following changes to your app requires a binary resubmission   Major platform upgrade. Changing app icon. Changing app loading screen.   Related articles: When should I upgrade Shoutem platform. How can I upgrade Shoutem platform

How Can I Clone My App?

Go to your list of your apps.  Click the three dot menu. Click Make a copy This will create a replica of your original app.

What Happens When I Delete a Shortcut From My App?

Deleting shortcuts or main navigation also deletes related content.   When you delete a shortcut from your app, the content that is linked to that shortcut is also deleted. Same goes for main navigation. So, don’t delete shortcuts unless you are sure you want to delete related content.   Q:  I am working on that

Why Are My Push Notifications Delayed?

Once a message has been processed by the Shoutem server, it is sent to the relevant platform’s push messaging service (for example: APNS) via a third-party messaging platform such as Firebase. Once the message is sent, Shoutem no longer has control over it. The message may be delayed due to various factors. Please note! Neither