Can I Change My App’s Description?

Once your app is published, there are two steps to making changes to the description. 
  1. Change the description through the app store (instructions are below)
  2. Update the Description field in the builder to match what is in the app store.

App store

Access your iOS developer account dashboard here: iTunes Connect.
Log in. Click on the My Apps icon.



You will see a list of your published apps. Click on the one with the description you are changing.

When you have selected the app, you will see the Current Version of the app on the left side of the screen. Click on the Name tab for the Current Version. You’ll now be on the screen where you can edit the description


To save your new description, click the Save button (top right corner).

Google Play

Access your Google developer console here: Google Play Console.

Important – If your Android app is submitted under our developer account, please Contact Us and will help you make necessary adjustments.

Logging in with your Google Play Developer credentials should bring you to your Administrative Dashboard. You’ll see the list of your published apps. Find the one you wish to edit and click on it.

You’ll be in the menu that allows you to manage your app. Click on the Store Listing tab.



As you can see from the screenshot, selecting Store Listing allows you to edit both the Full description and Short description fields.

Once you are done editing your app description, click the Submit Update button (top right corner of the page). Changes made should be visible within a couple of hours.



Any questions, please Contact Us or visit our Support Center for additional tips and answers.