What Bluetooth and a Medieval King have in common?

Let’s face it, we all heard the term “Bluetooth” at some point in our lives. Most of us used it on our smartphones, gadgets and computers, and maybe some of us are still using this technology on a regular basis. You’ve probably wondered about origins of Bluetooth’s name, but there’s a slim chance you haven’t

Ahoy, me Hearties! Saturday be yer lucky day!

Ever since Dave Barry, mentioned “Talk like a pirate day” in his column in 2002, this holiday gained media exposure. From an inside joke between two friends, it became annual holiday around the globe.

How to make gorgeous screenshots for your app

In the process of building an app, you’re mainly focused on creating the content, building an intuitive user interface, and providing your users with the best possible user experience. All these activities take time and resources, and it’s understandable that after days or weeks of work, you just want to launch the app as soon

How to build an app community?

Building a brand-new audience from scratch takes time and hard work, but it’s worth it. The community you grow will be the source of your very first (and probably most supportive) group of app evangelists. The same group of users will spread the word of your business and therefore additionally boost your brand awareness, which

Spotlight: Not Just Spring Break

Never miss an event again! Read on to find out what is Not Just Spring Break and how it helps you to find something interesting wherever you might be.

Introducing new social buttons

We, here at Shoutem, have been very busy lately working on smaller and larger improvements to our platform. We focus our hard work primarily on improvements which you, our customers, want to see in your apps.

Spotlight: Academy of Hockey

The Academy of Hockey provides on-ice, off-ice and classroom programming and is dedicated to being the premier development destination for hockey players and coaches. Read here to find out more about the Academy of Hockey and how they made their app with Shoutem.

Keychain Giveaway Winners

We are happy to announce the winners for our Keychain Giveaway! The question was: Do I need to have coding skills to create my app with ShoutEm and the answer is…

How to write an app update description?

App updates are great for both app users and apps – updates mean that developers are always working on improving the app, keeping in mind better customer experience with each update.

5 Tips on Creating Push Notifications

We’ve learned that push notifications can be the ultimate user engagement tool. According to multiple sources, 97% of push notifications are read, as opposed to 3-4% for email-based campaigns. Push notifications allow app owners to reach their users outside the app ecosystem, having a positive effect on brand awareness and increasing future app open rates.