You like Shout’Em?! Well, Mashable, Profy also Do!

It’s been a great week here at Shout’Em HQ. Viktor, Saša and the rest of the development team have been hard at work getting all the features out. We counted on people coming to the site, playing with the service, testing it, maybe even breaking it. What we didn’t expect was the great possitive feedback

What is Shout’Em and Why You Should Shout!

Microblogging has taken off in ways noone could have imagined just a couple of years ago when Twitter was launched. Once just a sideproject, today it’s the spearhead of a revolution in instant. publishing not seen since the advent of blogging itself. While services such as the before mentioned have created communities of great value,

ShoutEm at Le Web 08

Some great news. ShoutEm have entered startup competition at LeWeb in Paris. Here is full list. List of judges is also impressive. All together it looks like a good opportunity for us.

Thanks Seedcamp for choosing us this time 🙂

Besides that we will have Demo booth there for two days so everyone will be able to see demo and get familiar with ShoutEm right there.

New ShoutEm only blog

I have finally set up ShoutEm blog. On you can read old posts.

So any news?

Well our new web site is up and running. It needs little bit more polishing but that is the idea. We also have our private beta invites available. Just leave a note and we will send you an invitation so you can try it up.