ShoutEm iPhone app approved by Apple

ShoutEm’s iPhone app has been approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store! The ShoutEm iPhone app is actually two apps in one: it’s a fully functional Twitter client, but in addition to Twitter, you can also use it to read and write posts to any of the networks on ShoutEm, as

Instant Messaging on ShoutEm

Last week, ShoutEm was enriched with a cool new feature – instant messaging. Instant messaging allows you to receive notifications on your Google Talk / Jabber account whenever there is new activity on your network. (Note that only Google Talk is supported so far, but other protocols such as MSN, Aim and Icq will be

What can you do to promote your microblogging network?

You create your own ShoutEm microblogging network, you invest some time tweaking it, you make custom design, you buy your own domain… and you wait. But you don’t see many users joining your network, and those who join don’t shout a lot. And you start asking yourself: “What am I doing wrong?”. You may not

Tweetie supports ShoutEm

When it comes to popularity of Twitter clients for iPhone, Tweetie is definitely one of the top contenders. With its cool features and ease of use it soon became one of the most used Twitter clients for iPhone. Our team likes it, too, and now we have another reason to like it even more: new

Advanced customization of your ShoutEm network

Update: this post is outdated as of March 17th, 2010.  At this moment ShoutEm supports 18 different styles that you can use on your network (and we are adding even more styles, like Marble), but you may want to customize the look of your micro-blogging network just the way you want. Using ShoutEm Admin pages,

ShoutEm speaks Chinese

In addition to 6 other languages you can use on your ShoutEm network, we are very proud to announce that you can now also switch to Chinese! Not just that, you can use versions of Chinese: Simplified and Traditional. All we can say is: 歡迎ShoutEm   How to change the language of your ShoutEm network?

6 Ways to Get Followers by Being a Polite Microblogger

Image by Biewoef 1. Don’t be a spammer If you have opened your Twitter account just to promote yourself, your services or your company, you’re doing it the wrong way. Twitter is not (only) about marketing! Of course, from time to time you can say something about your company; post a link to a product

ShoutEm statistics for September 2009

Ever wondered which Shout’Em micro-blogging networks are the first in terms of stats such as new member influx, number of members or shouts written? We’ve assembled a quick top list of networks for these three categories. As you can see, having a lot of members does not automatically equal a lot of activity within the

What We Learned at SeedCamp

Shout”Em went to SeedCamp this year. It took us three tries; we were selected as one of 20 finalists and we didn”t win anything, but it was definitely a great experience. We can tell you one thing, though; getting in and getting something out of it are two different things. If you come underprepared, you

How to Get into Seedcamp (In Three Tries)

So, we’ve managed to get into Seedcamp with our white label Real-Time/Mobile/Microblogging solution ShoutEm. It wasn’t easy, but it’s been an amazing experience, and we’d like to share some of the important things a young startup company needs to have in mind when applying for such a fund or working towards VC investment in general.