Why small business owners need a mobile app

Mobile apps are very similar to small businesses: their number increases every day and their goal is to get the job done in the simplest manner, without unnecessary complications. All small business owners who want to be up to speed with the technological developments, as well as competitive in the market and – most importantly

With iOS8 your local app is about to get much more downloads

Last week at WWDC Apple announced, among other things, one new feature that might be a huge benefit for SMB and local apps. Quick Access to apps based on location will suggest apps to iPhone users based on their location. Below is an example of AppleStore and Starbucks apps that are appearing on the lock

5 Ways To Promote Your App Offline

Yup, you heard right – offline! We are all constantly connected through our mobile phones; Facebook and Twitter feeds are our information pit stops, and the emails filling up our inboxes are everything we ever wanted and more. It’s so easy to get heard in the online world, but what about offline? How do you

Why Mobile Apps Are Cooler Than Mobile Web

Accessible, attractive, practical and offering a greater range of functions – these are just some of the advantages of native apps over classic web applications.

Spotlight: The GourmetKickz App

Our newest Hall of Fame features The GourmetKickz App. GourmetKickz “Food for the Sole” specializes in custom Nike sneakers, and The GourmetKickz App allows you to connect with the Brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, share images from galleries, receive notifications about limited custom sneaker releases and newly published time sensitive coupon codes – in

The Art of App Promotion

Launching an app has never been simpler; we at ShoutEm want to make it as easy as possible to create and launch an app, but that is only a part of the work you’ve got ahead of you.

What Are Push Notifications And How To Drive App Engagement With Them

Back in 2012, we wrote about the benefits of push notifications and about creating a strategy for maximum user engagement. A good push marketing strategy can boost app engagement that leads to customer conversion and loyalty. For many apps, push notifications have played a critical role to success. This is even more pertinent now, in

Choosing the Right Color for Your App

The famous painter Pablo Picasso once said – Colors, like features, follow the changes of emotions. All of us have, at one time or another, felt the effect that colors have on our mood, feelings and emotions. Color psychology, they call it. And although there is far too little hard evidence or research done on

Eat your own dog food

They say “Eat your own dog food” and that is exactly what we do at Shoutem. On top of the everyday building, tweaking and improving our product we also use an app we built – Shoutem Watercooler. It’s pretty simple but very handy for us.

Announcing Loyalty Mobile Apps

Here we are; Shoutem crew is getting really close to launching a Mobile Loyalty feature, and I wanted to tell you more about how we decided to do it and what we see as the biggest opportunities in this space.