5 Tips on Creating Push Notifications

We’ve learned that push notifications can be the ultimate user engagement tool. According to multiple sources, 97% of push notifications are read, as opposed to 3-4% for email-based campaigns. Push notifications allow app owners to reach their users outside the app ecosystem, having a positive effect on brand awareness and increasing future app open rates.

Learn how to acquire and retain app users

Are you thinking about creating a new mobile app for your business? Or maybe you already have an app published but it’s missing user traction? User acquisition and retention are the two most important business aspects of publishing an app after the development is done. Even during the development phase, a successful app owner keeps

5 mobile advertising facts

Ignoring the shift from computers to mobile devices greatly affects your business. Use mobile advertising to diversify revenue streams through your Shoutem app via our in-app advertisement integration with MoPub, DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and Flurry; and here’s why you should do it.

Build location based app in five minutes – without coding

This is something like #throwbackmonday – three years ago, we made an article How to build location based app in five minutes, with no coding, and you people just loved it. Of course, in three years we made a lots of changes, so we’re going to do a little remake of the old article regarding

7 Questions You Need Answered Before You Create an App

This is it, you”ve finally realized you need a mobile app to improve your services and keep up with the times. Shoutem is here to help and deliver the best solution. However, the job is not nearly done yet. Before we start creating the app, you need to be able to answer seven key questions

How to make a killer festival app

Your festival begins in just a few weeks. With everything in the right place, your mobile app is ready to make a live debut. But will it deliver? We bring you 5 worthy pieces of advice on how to make your festival app an important part of your event, how to attract users and what

Why small business owners need a mobile app

Mobile apps are very similar to small businesses: their number increases every day and their goal is to get the job done in the simplest manner, without unnecessary complications. All small business owners who want to be up to speed with the technological developments, as well as competitive in the market and – most importantly

5 Ways To Promote Your App Offline

Yup, you heard right – offline! We are all constantly connected through our mobile phones; Facebook and Twitter feeds are our information pit stops, and the emails filling up our inboxes are everything we ever wanted and more. It’s so easy to get heard in the online world, but what about offline? How do you

Why Mobile Apps Are Cooler Than Mobile Web

Accessible, attractive, practical and offering a greater range of functions – these are just some of the advantages of native apps over classic web applications.