Now everybody can learn how to create mobile apps—with an app

We are introducing the App Maker Academy, an app with tutorials for anyone who wants to learn how to make a mobile app and understand the principles of in-app marketing.

Every day, Shoutem’s Support and Customer Success specialists meet users with questions about the business and process of building mobile apps:

  • Where can I learn how to build an app?
  • Which tutorial for creating mobile apps do you recommend?
  • How fast can I make an app for my business?
  • Who can help me design mobile apps?
  • How much money can I earn by developing apps?

To help our users and provide them answers in a convenient form, we created the App Maker Academy. With this new tool, you can get the answers from Shoutem’s support team even faster.

New Shoutem app builder platform opened on iMac browser

A pocket academy

To help our clients learn and share our expertise with everyone who wants to learn how to make mobile apps, we created a mobile pocket academy. The mobile format enables learning about mobile apps during all activities: lunch break, while sitting on the park bench to catch some fresh air or commuting to work. Each day users have the opportunity to learn something new about building mobile apps.

App Maker Academy app running on white iPhone 6 placed on the notebook

Lessons on building mobile apps

The lessons offer an overview of the app creation process, and they guide you through how to implement basic modules first. Once you’re confident with the basics, you will learn about advanced features, the publishing process, and integrating with Shopify, WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other services.

Two young people learning how to make mobile apps with App Maker Academy made by Shoutem


In addition to the lessons, the App Maker Academy offers a rich library with tips and tricks from our support specialists and an inspirational list of posts showcasing the most successful, most beautiful apps built with Shoutem.

App Maker Academy app running on black iPhone 6 next to the Magic Mouse and Apple Keyboard

Sharing is caring

We created the App Maker Academy to help those who want to learn or who only have a few questions about building mobile apps. If you fall into either of these categories, download the App Maker Academy from the App Store or the Google Play Store. If you know someone who could use advice on making apps, we’d be thrilled if you’d share this post with them.

Happy app making!