New members of the ShoutEm team

I’m very happy to present you two new members of our team:

pedja_puseljaFirst one is Pedja Puselja. Pedja is technology evangelist from Strasbourg, France. After several years working in a web development team, he started his new career: marketing and a new media consultant. He specializes in blogs and social networks, and shares his knowledge on many conferences. He is one of the founders of Blogopen, a conference for bloggers. With his colleague, he also started a series of corporate seminars Tweetokracija, where he presents the advantage of social media to many marketing experts.

Last year, he started his own jeans brand wtfJeans. He was in charge of marketing strategy (based only on social media) and business development. After 24 hours, wftJeans became a trending topic on Twitter, with coverage on many blogs and sites like Mashable, Engadget, Gizmodo, Crunchgear…

He will join ShoutEm as Head of Marketing and User Experience.

josip_maricevicSecond one is Josip Maricevic. Josip is a recent graduate at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, but he holds a significant programming knowledge and skills. He is interested in iPhone development, especially 3D games. Prior joining ShoutEm, he developed a couple of iPhone applications. In his free time he likes to ski and watch hockey.

He will work at ShoutEm as iPhone developer.


Let’s hope new colleagues will bring more excitement and positive energy to the ShoutEm team, and that we’ll use that energy to build better platform for local communities.

Ilija Brajkovic