New version 0.53

It is a summer, most of us had a summer holidays, but we kept adding new features and fixing some bugs. Here are new things developed in a past couple of weeks:

  • Toolbars are rearranged in order to group all network related actions in upper one, and all user related actions to lower one. Help link moved to footer
  • Unused setting resource strings removed
  • Badge name translation error fixed in reply mails
  • Wrong formatting for unsubscribe text in FavoriteShout notification mail fixed
  • Events link removed until we develop this feature completely
  • Fixed a bug that caused saving changes after editing a place in a admin panel
  • Users can search for locations now. They can search for a location name, address or inside specific radius from selected location.
  • Fixed few minor bugs.

As always, you can report new bugs and request features at

Ilija Brajkovic