Blowzer network


As you all know, ShoutEm network administrators can use custom CSS code to make some visual changes on their network. So far, we’ve seen only minor changes, and we were very surprised when we saw Blowzer. Blowzer is “Russian Twitter” built on ShoutEm, and it has a beautiful design. Administrators changed our skin completely to build totally new user experience for their users. We wanted to know their secret, so we asked them some questions. Read what they have to say.


1. Can you please tell us something about Blowzer?

Blowzer is a Russian clone of Twitter with more than a six month history of ups and failures. In Russia, Twitter is not particularly popular, so we came to the idea of the Russian version of Twitter. Most interestingly, we lured the original group of people to Blowzer from another site. One day, all of them decided to leave that site and join Blowzer, and that’s how it all started. This is a good idea for ShoutEm network administrators – join any existing site, make friends there, and then call them to join your network.


2. How did you accomplish that look of your network?

By creating a design for Blowzer, we were faced with many difficulties. We were not familiar with a CSS. Everything changed when we started using Google Chrome. Let me tell you the secret! There is a very handy feature in Chrome – View of CSS code of any site. Right click on any element of the site and then select "View Code item". We took advantage of this opportunity and changed Blowzer completely. It is not difficult! Try it!


3. Why ShoutEm? How did you find about us?

We learned about ShoutEm about a year ago from the Internet media. Initially, we reacted badly to this platform. We thought that ShoutEm provides almost no extra features and that we can’t build something exclusive and interesting. But that was not true. We are amazed by the number of opportunities and services. ShoutEm is so convenient and affordable for any individual platform; I would advise everyone to drop everything and go to Shoutem!


4. What’s your experience with ShoutEm? Would you like to see something changed?

I’d like Shoutem to add some new features from time to time. Ratings and voting, the ability to insert animated pictures, the ability to change the original user picture, an invitation for users of other social networks, the ability to upload files and music on your profile page, to see more user-friendly lists of friends, send messages via Skype and ICQ. But in general, the opportunities that are available now are enough to create a great network.


5. Do you have any plans for the future with Blowzer, or some other ShoutEm network?

Blowzer has a huge expansion of registered users. Joint future of different ShoutEm networks would open up tremendous opportunities for communication between people from different countries. The most interesting is that you can use your username and password on any ShoutEm network. With an extensive database of all users of this platform, we could do a whole network for communication for the people from all over the world.


6. What would you like to recommend to other network owners?

I recommend everyone who like Blowzer to start their ShoutEm network. The team has done a truly tremendous job, so do not be discouraged, but seek the path, everything will be as it should!

Finally, we have prepared a few CSS-tricks that could benefit everyone:


A. Hover on the shout – it changes its color:

.shout:hover { background-color: #EEEEEE; }


B. Remove the block with mobile applications from the main page:

.mobileTeaser { display:none;}


C. Click on the “Add a message” textbox changes its background and text color:

.shoutWrite textarea:focus { background-color: black!important; color: #FFF; }


D. Icon of your network appears on all pictures in your network:

.shout .attImg:before { content: url(; position: absolute; margin: 5px; }



You think you can beat them? Report us your design on .

Ilija Brajkovic