Mobile App Marketing Guide

We created a thorough, beginner-friendly guide to help you to promote your app and achieve a level of sustainable business marketing. What is the Mobile App Marketing Guide? Our step-by-step guide covers the basics of mobile app marketing so that you have the tools and know-how to reach your target audience and turn that audience

Mobile App Marketing Guide: Part 2 – Data Analyzing

You need the right data to make accurate conclusions. Before making any decisions or testing a channel, make sure you’ve collected the right data (the analytics tools in the tech stack listed in the Tools To Get You Started chapter will help).  Start by defining an event for each relevant experience in the app. Remember, when

Mobile App Marketing Guide: Part 1 – Tools To Get You Started

A quick intro… Do you know what it takes to be successful in mobile marketing?  Before you answer, look at the statistics below.   Just over a year ago, more than 60,000 apps were submitted to the Apple App Store alone. The number of apps in competing ecosystems — Google Play, Amazon App Store, etc. —

Differences between App Store Optimization on Google Play vs. App Store

After you’ve built your desired app it is time to shift focus on acquiring users. Ideally, when a user types a certain keyword related to your app it magically appears in the app store and he downloads it. However, the reality is a bit different…actually, it is harsh.  We’ll try to get you all covered

Introducing Shoutem v5

After a few years of initial boom of the apps, the app market is entering the new phase of its lifecycle.

The Evolution of Mobile Banking

Mobile devices are reshaping the world as we know, gradually transforming our lives, daily behaviors, and how we do business with banks. Together with the evolution of mobile technologies, customers also evolved, pushing banks to be more consumer-driven.

Spotlight: Gazdagrét

We sat down with the project manager from App Hungary, our reseller, to tell us about one of their apps: Gazdagrét. We also wanted to learn more about why they started in the mobile app business and how are they winning new clients across a range of industries.

Spotlight: Cigar Dojo

Cigar Dojo became one of the most well-known media brands in the cigar industry with the most robust community because of the mobile app. Here's how they made it.